Moving on…

moving on

There’s been a lot of activity around my house and garden since I last posted in early January about our visit to the Rose Parade. You got a peak at the float barn but I never got back to post about the actual parade experience!

We’ve been mulling over downsizing both our house and the amount of ground I actively garden for the last few years. After serendipitously seeing a home which appealed to us while visiting a cousin across town, we hit the ground running.  It took us a jammed packed two weeks to get our home on the market and only three days more for it to sell. The 30 day escrows on both our sale and our new garden (well, home also) close at week’s end. It will take a few days to drag everything we own 15 miles across town and another couple of months to redo flooring, paint it all and get the boxes from the garage inside so the blog will pretty quiet for awhile. Though the new garden is not a postage stamp, is very small compared to our current in-town 1/2 acre. It lives much larger due to some great borrowed views including the Sierra Mountains on a clear day.

Keep watch for some “before” pictures! I look forward to sharing this wonderful opportunity to develop my  new garden with all of you by my side!

6 thoughts on “Moving on…

  1. Oh my. A lot has happened. We have been in our new house for two years and still have to get our old one on the market. Good for you being able to move so quickly


    1. I get a little itchy past the 10 year mark and am looking forward to planting a new garden—this smaller one will have a great borrowed view of a dry creek bed habitat and the now snow covered mountains. Not hurting my feeling to leave e a few of those “gardening mistakes…lessons learned” behind!


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  2. Moving is always a traumatic experience. It is hard to leave memories behind and begin anew. Yet, there is excitement in a new life adventure.


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