Just now digging in…

Hello, Gardening Friends!

I am embarking on this adventure to replace the Friday Plant of the Week emails going out to many of my gardening friends.  Having shared the gardening world with wonderful people from California to Georgia and back again it is rewarding to pass on your successes, failures, new finds and old favorites–not only with the gardeners in whose dirt I have been  knee deep but with some new friends I might meet along the way.

I am still figuring out how this world of cyber sharing works so be patient with me regarding the look of the blog and whatever technical errors I will surely make along the way!!

I am a life long lover of all things GARDEN.  High on my plant list are iris, hellebores, roses and just about all perennials.  I am less enamored of managing grass which is a good thing given the drought stricken status of my home state of California.  No longer a veggie girl as my husband’s family keeps us in more fruit and veg than we can consume.  I definitely have a garden–with all its ups and downs– not a landscape.  I look forward to sharing it with you!


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