The “H” factor…

One of my favorite things to do in any city I visit is wander around the residential neighborhoods looking at both the local architecture and landscape. I had anticipated a sort of British version of upscale Seattle vibe here in Vancouver and from what I can actually see I was pretty close.  My walks to and from bus stops and gardens or shops have been concentrated in the older, definitely upscale areas of the city whose residential histories range from the very late 1880s up to about the 1920s or 1930s. There are many older, very large timber and stucco homes under renovation. I am sure they were and still are beautiful if I could actually SEE them!  Vancouver is a city with the “H” factor—just about every home, from petite to palatial has a HEDGE  shielding its view of the street activity and my view of it. I’ve complied a few of my favorite “H” looks to share with you from my feet on the street time the last two days.

Hedge 1
Classic cottage behind classic hedge
Hedge 4
Probably a really big mansion behind a really tall hedge 
Hedge 8
New house with a hedge in the making
Hedge 7
Very small car in danger of being swallowed by very large hedge
Hedge 5
Seriously gorgeous relaxed hedge of Japanese maples, rhododendrons and mixed evergreens
Hedge 2
Not sure how these folks even got into this neighborhood–they must not be from ’round here but I loved being able to see their pretty house and landscaping
Hedge 6
Hedge behind a great rock wall with a nice iron fence to boot
Hedge 10
Would have killed to see this home with the great copper dome
Hedge 9
Thirty foot high loosely trimmed hedge cozies up to its 20 foot high uptight neighbor–maybe they are sipping margaritas on one side and prune juice on the other…
Hedge 3
You know I have ever so many more pics from this walking tours of hedges in Vancouver but I’ll close on a serious note with this stunning mixed conifer and evergreen hedge highlighted by a lovely entry arbor covered with vines–beautiful home, beautiful hedge

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