Nap time is almost over…

Just a short post today to follow up on the Getting your little ones on a schedule… post in which I chronicled my rose deadheading scheme for the Sunblaze miniature roses in my garden.  We are 5 weeks to the day out from when we put the little ones down for a brief nap with the mother’s never ending sense of hope that when they awoke they would be invigorated and reward me with another lovely flush of pink blooms.  On that same day I deadheaded the grouping of 5 ‘Iceberg’ standard roses which appear in the background of the miniature roses.  As you can see below, the ‘Sunblaze Pink’ and their friends are stirring now with each rose starting to show many groups of buds and lots of shiny new dark green foliage.  I am confidant that we will hit the six week mark with lots of open flowers! Clearly, the helicopter mom instinct I had to work so hard to squelch when my flesh and blood children were growing up has found a new outlet.  In the past few years each of my sons has conceded (maybe not in as direct a way as I would have liked) that I probably knew more than he gave me credit for in his teen and young adult years.  Growing plants in your garden is just like raising your children–give them lots of love, good nutrition and structure, nip them back when they need it and who know what wonderful rewards you will experience!

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