Around Londontown… wrapping up

I will admit to a little disappointment in Central London as far as front gardens go. Very little green–mostly beautiful historic rowhouses and buildings with only sidewalks, intricate ironwork, steps and great front doors. Where there was a wee courtyard in front it was generally being used as a car park. I had photographed what I thought were some great looking boxwood hedges and columns and then got closer to them and realized they were artificial–amazingly common even in Kensington where a half million pounds will buy you a garrett.  Where I did see large hanging baskets from light posts they were often a mixture of real and artificial! The best window box and hanging basket displays I saw were on the pubs and restaurants.

Chelsea restaurant had doors on both sides of the corner done up beautifully!
Classic green and white carried the day in this shady postage stamp front garden


A small bed is big enough for varying textures, colors and foliage forms
Another great living display on a restaurant door
Good-bye from the Southwark Borough Market–thanks for traveling with me!

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