As the crow flies…

My quilting group is fortunate to be able to cut and stitch for a week twice a year at an oceanfront beach cottage in Cayucos, CA. It is a time to sew, relax, eat out and revisit a number of must drop into Central Coast sites and shops. We are equal opportunity road trippers and include quilt stores, the apple farm, garden centers, the farmer’s market and anything that looks like fun. Late October coastal weather is generally cool and moist with foggy mornings and pleasant afternoons. Wonderful weather to open the windows for a cool breeze and walk leisurely on the sand from the cottage to downtown Cayucos. This year we enjoyed (??) record high temperatures for three days with highs hovering at 100 degrees–even more incentive to wander up and down the coast in search of businesses with air conditioning!

The next village up the coast is Cambria–renown as the site of one of only 3 native Monterey pine forests on the US mainland.  A special pottery store, a wonderful needlepoint/yarn store and a very fun store called Home Arts are always on the go to list. The Garden Shed is also worthy of a visit and I will dedicate another post to introducing you to this cluster of quirky garden and gift storefronts.

This year we found ourselves right in the middle of the Cambria Scarecrow Festival. Here are a few of the MANY scarecrows sponsored and constructed by both business and organizations.

Scarecrows 1

Scarecrows 4

This bevy of stick beauties clothed in knitted and crocheted outfits reminiscent of the 1960s were fabulous!

Scarecrows 5

A painterly offering in front of one of many art galleries

Scarecrows 6

The Queen of Hearts

Scarecrows 7

Guardian of the Garden

Scarecrows 8

Popeye, Olive Oil and Sweet Pea

Old Happy Herb at Ephraim Pottery

Scarecrows 11

The Love Courier

Scarecrows 19

Groot from the movie Guardians of the Galaxy–this one won a ribbon for innovative use of materials. It is made of cardboard and the split foam tube you use to cover pipes in cold areas.

Scarecrows 12

Scarecrows 13

Scarecrows 14

In front of a gift shop called Bumblebees

Scarecrows 15

The Photo Crow-Today Everything Exists to End in a Photograph

Scarecrows 16

Scarecrows 17

How could you not love this fishing frog and his skeletal mermaid lady friend?

Scarecrows 32

Linn’s Restaurant and Pie Shop has their delivery girl working overtime.

Scarecrows 20

A little more traditional

Scarecrows 21

Scarecrows 22

The Cambria New Wave Riders-the bicycle wheels were motorized and they looked as though they were really riding!

Scarecrows 31

Knit 1, Purl 2

Scarecrows 23

The Old Woman Who lived in a Shoe and some of her many children

Scarecrows 24

Dakota the dog

Scarecrows 26

Scarecrows 25

Tree Bob-the Ent of the East Village handles all the needed tools of the realtor trade on his multiple arms and no, I don’t have a clue what ‘Ent’ means. Any help out there?

Scarecrows 28

Doing Our Part to Conserve Water

Scarecrows 27

Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman

Scarecrows 33

This one says it all!

More posts from the Central Coast in the next week.









12 thoughts on “As the crow flies…

  1. I used to fish in Cambria and Cayucos when I was in school at Cal Poly in the 1980s. I have never seen it looking so creepy! Most people drive through the pines without knowing their significance. One of the other groves is of course in Monterey, and the third is near the Santa Cruz and San Mateo County line. There are two more groves on islands off the coast of Mexico.


    1. Thanks for the information on the pines! I enjoy the area very much but probably more in the relaxing/shopping mode than the gardening mode. I need to make a trip there on my own and really take time to learn about the terrain and the native plant material—keep your eye out for a future post on the SLO Botanical Garden which I happened to catch on its fall PLANT SALE DAY!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. What? That is new to me. I have not been there in months. I used to go to Los Osos almost monthly. Now I only get there about annually. I will need to research this San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden.


  2. Oh! These scarecrows are the best. What fun you all had. This is a must for next year! Thanks for sharing. Glad Mary told you what an “ENT” was. I had no idea.😁😁


  3. Hi Kathleen!!

    This is an absolutely beautiful post! I love the scarecrows, and this post is a lovely introduction to a beautiful season: Autumn


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