Bloom alert…

A few days ago (February 16) I shared with you a bearded iris on the cusp of blooming–very early even in my mild winter weather garden. Throughout the daylight hours of Saturday, February 24th, this bloom slowly unfurled to its full 6″ beauty.

bloom alert 1

Tall bearded iris ‘Blueberry Bliss’, although beautiful, would probably not be a standout in a garden planted with many other bearded varieties blooming in shades of blue, lavender, purple and white but in my garden which currently has lots of healthy iris foliage coming on but no other flowers it draws your eye like a beacon in the night!

This one is new to my garden, part of a large Schreiners Iris Gardens order I planted last fall. The color is more purple than the advertised navy blue but the fans are robust and the stems are tall with 3+ branches each bearing many buds. Two other new varieties are planted on either side, one a midseason bloomer and the other a late bloomer, none of those fans are showing even a peek of what is to come. People who garden are the world’s most persistent optimists–there is always something to look forward to!


5 thoughts on “Bloom alert…

    1. When something else in life gets me down it is so easy to look out into the garden, taking in the perpetual cycle of living things, and know that my life is constantly in a renewal process also–good things to come!


    1. I am taking a road trip to Salem, OR to visit Schreiners during their open house days the third full week in May. Thanks for the heads up on Adelman Peony Garden–I checked out their website and they are open then too. Only thing better would be if the calendar was right for the bloom show at Swan Island Dahlia Farm also!

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