Spring’s first rose…

Florabunda rose ‘Singing the Blues”

My roses are late this year and given that none of them ever got pruned, I am joyful for healthy new foliage and this first open flower of 2019!

5 thoughts on “Spring’s first rose…

    1. Had to go out to check that out! No rust–maybe just some stray pollen. That said, my roses got little pruning this year and so I will be surprised if I don’t have much more disease that average. I am usually spot on with rose pruning but weather, illness and an out of state wedding just got the better of me! Glad to know the roses are gracious enough to forgive us our shortcomings now and then.

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      1. Fewer? There are none. Some people try to grow fruit trees in their tiny gardens, but do not maintain them properly. Gardeners certainly won’t do it.


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