Not missing the lawn…

I am having fun everyday watching my new lawn-free front garden fill in. It has been a great opportunity to use larger scale perennials which simply would not have worked within the confines of the small planting beds and islands dictated by the turf’s contours.  Don’t misunderstand–I love the look of a healthy emerald green swathe of grass in contrast to beds filled with color and texture from blooms and foliage. HOWEVER, I’ve never even come close to that in the best of times and given my state’s water and climate challenges (not to mention the weeds and pests) we are far from the best of times. The mandate is to learn to appreciate what seems to be working so far so good for me rather than pining for a perfect look that would have never been. See how far my new normal has come…

filling in 9
June 2019
Bon 4
March 2019
Falling 7
September 2018
Bon 1
March 2018

Above: Curbside view of the area to the west of the walkway to the front door

filling in 6
June 2019
Falling 6
July 2018
Falling 8
June 2018
Falling 1
April 2018

Above: Just west of the sidewalk to the front door

filling in 8
Jume 2019
Daras choice 1
December 2018

Above: Just east of the sidewalk to the front door

filling in 4
June 2019
Project update 5
April 2019

Above: The eastern center of this widest section was 100% turf except the ash tree and 4 indian hawthorns tucked up near it–never even took its photo until I started replanting!

filling in 2
June 2019
Project update 4
April 2019

Above: View from the driveway side–the last area to be planted

Although I am still adding a few bits and pieces to this area I’m going to call this front lawn conversion project officially at an end. In six months or so I’ll revisit this youngest section in photos for you. Many of the perennials in this area have mature sizes of 3-5′ in height and width and so they’ll deserve another look.

filing in 1

So while the sun is symbolically setting on this renovation project, this morning’s sunrise over the front garden has to symbolize a new lawn-free era for my garden!


9 thoughts on “Not missing the lawn…

    1. Thanks! Because we live on a corner it has taken almost 3 years to work our way through the long ’side’ yard , then the huge round bed between the two driveways. The actually front seems like icing on the cake!


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  1. That certainly is substantial. I mean, there is so much more diversity than I would put into a landscape. I lived with a lawn for 16 years, and always hated it. There were not children or dogs there, but I cold not get rid of it because it fit into the neighborhood so nicely.


    1. I am probably more a plant collector than a garden designer. I concentrate on pollinators and unthirsty plant just short of succulents or cacti. This newest massing of plants has yet to go through one of our ’survival of the fittest’ so it is yet to be seen how much diversity I’ll end up with!


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