Hello ‘Little Rev’…



The genus Dianella, also called flax lily, are interesting architectural plants originating in Australia and Tasmania. The upright habit and grasslike strappy leaves of Dianella revoluta ‘Little Rev’ and its cousin Dianella caerulea make them especially suited to modern drought tolerant gardens. ‘Little Rev’ is a bit smaller than other selections and will reach 18″ in full sun and 24″ in partial shade as mine is planted. The 3/4″ sparse star- shaped blue flowers are followed by metallic blue berries. We have been inundated with ornamental grasses and grasslike plants in the last few years and most seem pretty scruffy to me in a traditional mixed border. ‘Little Rev’ is well-behaved in the ground or containers, requires little to no care and looks attractive year around. Put this one on your garden center shopping list!

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